Letters of Appreciation

We value your feedback. Here are some letters and comments ROFEH has received:

We recently received a diagnosis for our son’s developmental delay. It is a very rare genetic disorder called Angleman Syndrome. All that we have read on Angleman Syndrome sounds very bleak and what we hear upsets us very much. We were hoping to find help in the medical center of Boston. Our trip to Boston was probably the most harrowing experience of my life. The medical assistance we got certainly gives credence to the fine reputation of Boston as the premier medical center in the world. Your assistance and input while we were in Boston was most comforting. It was reassuring that someone likes myself, who has little in the way of knowledge or resources, could come to you for help. We do appreciate the work that you and ROFEH are doing. Again, thank you for your help.
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 1996
I can’t possibly express the depth of my appreciation for the tremendous help and moral support given to us at the ROFEH house when our 3 year old son was receiving extended medical treatment in Boston.

We had previously spent time at the Ronald MacDonald house, a fine institution, that provides beautiful facilities. As appreciative as we were of their concern, we felt very uncomfortable eating our sandwich at the group table filled with foods that are forbidden to us and having to avoid many of the spare time activities.

Finding the ROFEH house was like a miracle. My husband, my child and myself were offered our own apartment, our own kitchen, a washer and dryer, beds, linens, round the clock help, confident advice - ALL AT NO COST! We were also provided with printed material as to where to obtain kosher food and services in the area.

Your office was always open and available to provide advice about doctors and anything else pertaining to the problem that brought us to Boston. May you be blessed for the great strength and comfort you give to Jewish people in times of trouble.

We sincerely hope that your dream of modernizing and expanding the ROFEH house comes to fruition. Your plans for a big and cheerful playroom for the children and for more comfortable apartments will surely be blessed with success. Unfortunately, there are many more Jewish families who are carrying the crushing weight of dire sickness and to whom the ROFEH house is a burst of comforting sunshine during a time of dark suffering. Thank you again, and thanks to your wonderful staff.

- Shared by a Mother , March 1996
My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor a short while ago. The only way to treat this delicate tumor is with radiation therapy in Boston, as this city has the only hospital which has a special machine for this type of brain tumor. My son and daughter-in-law came to you as their last resort. They are both unemployed due to their situation and the constant care my son needs. They have been to many Jewish organizations but none could help finance their living expenses in Boston. The Canadian Government only finances medical expenses. You welcomed my family with your arms wide open. I personally want to thank you for your kind and sincere help which we will always remember. May you and all those who have been in similar situations be blessed. May you always be able to have your arms open for others as you have done for my family.
- Shared by a Grateful Father , March 1996

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