Letters of Appreciation

We value your feedback. Here are some letters and comments ROFEH has received:

Although we were familiar with the reputation your organization has for extending remarkable hospitality, it was quite another matter experiencing it personally. As I’m sure you’ve been told countless times, your clean, comfortable and well maintained apartments really relieve some of the stress that patients and their families experience during the course of their medical treatments in the nearby hospitals, and help in the healing process. May your organization continue to be partners in the healing process to all ...
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , November 2004
Thank you so much for providing Tatty, Mommy and me with such a beautiful place, and warm atmosphere. Every time we come to Boston, we felt so comfortable in the rooms you provided for us. Tatty and Mommy were able to rest before appointments and, so too, before surgery. We all felt we have a place to step into. We felt at home. We saw your heart was there every time we received those homemade welcome envelopes, and such clear instructions and directions. ROFEH, you chose the right name, for that is where I was fully healed.
- Shared by a ROFEH Patient , March 2004
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all you’ve given us. It’s really a lot more than words can say. The room was of immense help. We could have never managed without it. It made all the difference. May Hashem repay you for your kindness and chesed. Thanks again, again, and again!
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 2004
Now that I’m back home and things have calmed down, I am able to think back with a clear head to the person who gave me the greatest comfort and anchored me when I was feeling rather cast adrift. You responded immediately to my calls, were on the case getting me the best help – and getting it quickly. The doctor was the next best thing to Marcus Welby that I could have hoped for. I couldn’t be more grateful and I’m sure that this is what you do so well over and over again for those who need it most. May you always be at the giving end of such wonderful mitzvot.
- Shared by a ROFEH Patient , March 2004
In July, I called you asking you for a medical referral. You called me back within 10 minutes and put me in touch with a doctor’s office. You told me he was highly regarded, but when I looked him up on the web, I realized just how highly regarded he is. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity you have given us. The news of a tumor is devastating and I cannot find the words to express how comforting it is to know someone as established, as the doctor you recommended, will be providing us with a medical opinion. We feel truly blessed to have been put in touch with ROFEH, and for your kindness and expediency in handling this situation. Thank you so much.
- Shared by a ROFEH Patient , March 2004
When our dear child was born, we were shocked and dismayed to see that the child had many medical issues. Our immediate concern was what medical care would be best for the child, and where to go for the best treatment available? We heard that Boston Children’s Hospital is extremely qualified, and has extensive experience in dealing with medical conditions which our child has. When we called Children’s Hospital we were told that each department has several experienced doctors. How would we know which one to choose? That’s when we heard about “ROFEH International,” the extraordinary organization that has helped thousands with all of their medical needs. Upon calling and speaking to the staff, we received all the information we needed about the various doctors. When we tried to get an appointment with the Doctor we had chosen, we were told that there was at least a two month wait. Once again, we called ROFEH, and Baruch Hashem they were successful in getting us an appointment much earlier.

After speaking to the Doctors, we realized that we would need to be staying in Boston many times in the course of the year, so our next concern was where to stay? Again, ROFEH came into the picture and so graciously provided a clean and beautifully furnished apartment in which to stay. This is especially appreciated at a time when one’s mind is under great stress due to the difficult circumstances. That is why ROFEH has built such magnificent apartments with all that is needed for the duration of one’s stay.

ROFEH also thought about the fact that when somebody arrives after a long and tiresome trip, they are understandably hungry. What a surprise to find that ROFEH has organized a well-stocked freezer of food ready to be warmed, so that one can gather energy for the trying days to come. In general, we have found at ROFEH a lending ear and empathetic heart. From the depth of our hearts we say thank you for all that you have done on our behalf!

- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 2003
We cannot thank you enough for easing our pain through all the kindness you did. You provided us with a warm place to stay making us feel “almost” at home. And the Shabbos food was amazing! Everything from A-Z and … delicious.

May Hashem, repay you all for your amazing chesed. There are no words adequate enough to thank you for your guidance and care in the midst of our medical crisis with our child. The child was suffering terribly both physically and emotionally, as did our whole family. We felt totally lost and distraught, and you were there with calmness and resolve to help us in every way possible – You walked us through our trip to Boston. We felt like we had a family in Boston taking care of us.

ROFEH was accessible 24 hours a day. What Mesiras Nefesh! You were extremely caring and helpful. The medical expert advice was invaluable. And to top it all off, our trip to the Boston Aquarium was a terrific treat. Our child will have fond memories of the trip to Boston and will not only associate it with Doctor visits.

We will never forget your kindness. May you merit good health and happiness.

- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 2003
The homework that you do concerning your 'patients' continues to impress me. When you have all the facts in hand about their disease and the diagnostic and therapeutic options, you then determine who indeed may be the appropriate physicians, in your opinion, to offer aid to those patients.
- Shared by Kurt J. Isselbacher, MD , Chief, Gastro-Intestinal Unit, Mass. General Hospital, March 2001
I feel very priveleged to be part of the team that cares for the Rebbe.
- Shared by Office Staff of Dr. Bernard Lown , Brookline, MA, March 2001
It has always been a real honor and a pleasure to work with you and your group. You do good things. I am proud to be a part of it. I hope that the year 2001 is a good year for you and your family and for ROFEH International.
- Shared by Louis R. Caplan, MD , Boston, MA, March 2001
How can we thank you for all you did for us? We reached a warm, loving and caring home, with love and help for any possible need. ROFEH is a place to stay with all the comfort: Assistance with any need or request, a mailbox and fax machine to ease the contact with friends and family, having a phone, even a seder plate for Passover, rides to the hospital and back whenever necessary. ROFEH provides "Bikur Holim" both in the hospital and at home. Fixing meals for Passover, divided into portions and wrapped up. There is no end to your help. It is impossible to detail, explain and describe all that you did for us. It seems the best way to describe it, is the opening sentence I used: you were a loving, caring, and warm home to us.
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , Israel, March 2001
Now that I have had the opportunity to reflect on the entire experience, I have to say that the most touching aspect is the incredible help and compassion shown by you and your organization. When someone first told me about ROFEH, I was impressed. Now that I have seen it in action, I am amazed. You and all of your people gave everything you could, both in your time and moral support. The apartments were perfect for the family. I talk with the family almost every day and we all miss being with you and spending time on Beacon Street. ROFEH is a wonderful organization, and hopefully something like it can be established here in Detroit.
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , Oak Park, MI, March 2001
In September of 1998 ROFEH International was extremely helpful to me and my family. My daughter was born in April 1998. She was a beautiful, healthy baby - but was missing her left thumb. We were told, almost immediately, that she would need surgery when she was about one years old. We consulted the experts in New York City, but were still torn with indecision. My mother forwarded all the material to your organization. Your work and correspondence really put us at ease. My daughter had surgery in April 1999 and she is doing, thank G-d, very well. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and may Hashem bless us that there is no longer a need for such a service among Klal Yisroel, but as long as there is - keep up the good work.
- Shared by a ROFEH Mother , Monsey, NY, March 2001
I have discovered that even in today's society, there are still people who care about others more than themselves, and those who commit their lives to make the sick a little more comfortable.
- Shared by a ROFEH Family , June 2000
Finding the ROFEH House was like a miracle. My husband, my child, and I were offered our own apartment, our own kitchen, a washer and dryer, beds, linen, round-the-clock help, confident advice - ALL AT NO COST! We were also provided with printed material as to where to obtain kosher food and services in the area. Your office was always open and available to provide advice about doctors and anything else pertaining to the problem that brought us to Boston. May you be blessed for the great strength and comfort you give to Jewish people in times of problems.
- Shared by a ROFEH Mother , Monsey, NY, June 2000
I certainly enjoy helping all the patients I can help and I am happy to see anyone whom you refer to me. You are doing a remarkable mitzvah in helping humanity and I want to thank you for what you are doing.
- Shared by Joel A. Kraut, MD , Brookline, MA, March 1998
We want to "Thank you" again for all the kindness shown to us during our time in Boston. Our son is back in Yeshiva. His grades are good and he is doing very well. He was second highest in the school on is PSAT. I was also proud that such an organization exists. What special people you are! You make a difficult time so much easier. May you go from strength to strength.
- Shared by TC , Scranton, PA, March 1998
We would like to convey our thanks to the Rebbe and his daughter-in-law, who in the initial stages, with a lot of dedication and patience, helped us find the Opthamology specialist, to communicate with him and to make the decision of getting the successful treatment in Boston.
- Shared by JL & FL , Jerusalem, Israel, March 1998
It took us a few weeks to settle down and to realize that our daughter's eye is really healing and that we can ease up our worries. We would like to convey our thanks to you and your team in the ROFEH International organization for the wonderful work that is done by all of you. The idea and goals of the ROFEH organization itself are most admirable - they are Jewish, humane, as well as a real Mitzvah. But, as we all know, an organization's goals and means are not enough. The human touch is what really matters. From our first contacts, you generated an atmosphere of good spirit and support and we got the impression that we were not alone.

Your support and concern, both by physical aid as well as medical connections and advice, are most appreciated, and helped us a lot in overcoming this hard period. We also had the opportunity to watch closely how you and your staff took care of some of the other families at the ROFEH building, who needed an interface between them and the medical institutes, and an escort to the medical treatment, and even an attendant at the hospital during surgery, and were very impressed. May Ribono Shel Olam bless all of you for it.

- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 1998
From the depth of our hearts we want to thank you for all the kindness you bestowed upon us, from the beginning, when we arrived in Boston (or even before), and during our stay in the Children’s Hospital. We have still to go a long way, but we hope that with the help of HaShem our son will continue to improve.

It is difficult to express the feelings of a family arriving in a strange city, without knowing anybody, but from the moment we arrived in Boston, you did everything in order to encourage us, to let us feel at ease, and to give us the feeling that we were not alone. We were deeply impressed by the efficiency of your organization. Without any doubt, things would have been much more difficult for us, without your efficient help in every aspect.

We wanted to express our sincere thanks to the ROFEH staff and all who work for, and with you, doing your best to help those who need it so dearly. Your work is such a tremendous Kiddush HaShem. I don’t think any of us will quite get over the lengths to which you all went: driving the baby to the hospital, bringing lunch on the day of the surgery. Your commitment to chesed is an example we will try to emulate in our own lives. We hope you will continue to merit in your work.

- Shared by a ROFEH Family , March 1996

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