A financial contribution to ROFEH helps to ensure that patients and families from all over the world and throughout the United States will be provided with the critical support services that allow the family to do what is important; focus on the patient.

Click one of the links below to donate or send your donation to:
ROFEH International, 1710 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02445
Online donations are processed by PayPal using a check or major credit card.


Donate to the ROFEH operating budget

Staff, utilities, kosher food, Insurance, maintenance etc... Help us help those in need.

Donate $ 180.00 to sponsor a family for a day

This donation will help fund the costs for  the daily upkeep of a ROFEH furnished apartment, Kosher Food, and all the vital support services provided to our patients and their families.

Donate $ 54.00 to sponsor Kosher food for a ROFEH patient and their family for a day.

This donation will help to provide the necessary sustenance our ROFEH families need so that they can do what is most important; focus on the patient.

Donate in honor or in memory of a loved one

Donating $18.00 or more in honor or in memory of a loved one will provide a lasting "good will "message that will be acknowledged with a tribute card sent directly to the recipient.  

Alternative Support and Giving

Donating tickets to events, museums, games, recreational venues, etc., are always welcomed. These donations are tax deductible and are offered to ROFEH families when they are ready and able to take that “deep breath”, and leave the hospital for a short respite. Respite care is an integral support provided to families that are by the bedside of a patient, a loved one, for days or weeks at a time without a break.

Respite care, this brief but long awaited “break” can help to regenerate one’s mind and soul so that they can continue to keep focusing on the patient.

Did you know?

ROFEH coordinates complex medical care for illnesses such as:

cardiology, cleft lip & palate, GI, renal reflux / hydronephrosis, glaucoma, Erb's palsy, neurology autonomic dysfunction, Moebius syndrome, Ebstein's anomoly, hip dislocation, MS, congenital imangioma, Parkinson's, retinoblastoma, synovial chondromatosis, brain tumors, orthopedics ...